Free course: eSourcing

eSourcingCompanies are increasingly discovering the advantages of an eSourcing tool for their strategic sourcing activities. eSourcing provides procurement professionals with a web-enabled solution to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sourcing process.

Procurement Academy’s new eSourcing course provides learners with practical guidelines and tips for successfully managing eRFI’s, eRFP’s and eAuctions:

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[column size=”1/2″]eSourcing Part 1

  • What is eSourcing
  • The benefits of eSourcing
  • The four types of functionality in eSourcing tools
  • How to build an eRFI
  • Manage eRFIs
  • How to Build an eRFP
  • eRFP lot strategy

[column size=”1/2″]eSourcing Part 2

  • eSourcing within a sound process
  • Manage eRFPs
  • Validate offers
  • Prepare an eAuction
  • Types of eAuctions
  • How to build an eAuction
  • eAuction lot strategy
  • Managing eAuctions
  • Evaluate eAuction results and awarding
  • Supplier benefits of eSourcing
  • eContracts
  • When to use which eSourcing functionalities[/column]

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