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Scenario Analysis – Predictive Analytics – Supply Chain Training

Data Mining & Machine Learning : K-Means Clustering

Defining Supply Chain Vision, Mission & Strategy

The Correlation Coefficient- Statistical Diagnostic Analytics

Hierarchical Clustering – Predictive Analytics

Introduction to Warehousing – Types of Warehouses

Qualitative Forecasting Methods- Delphi Method

Operations Management in Warehousing

Introduction to Supply Chain Planning- SCOR Model

Inventory Control – ABC Analysis

Demand Forecasting Methods – Introduction to Scenarios

Inventory Control – Material Requirements Planning MRP

Warehouse Operation – Wave Picking

S&OP – Demand Planning- Supply Chain Training

Supply Chain Planning – Sales & Operations Planning Process

Inventory Control for Components – Just in Time

Master Production Scheduling – Demand Pegging

Distribution Requirement Planning – Firm Planned Shipments

Demand Forecasting Methods – Quantitative

Distribution Network Design – Manufacture & Ship Distribution Networks

Introduction to Warehousing – Retailer & VAS warehouses

Inventory Control for Finished Goods – Periodic Review

Seasonal & Pipeline Stock – Inventory Control

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