Empower your employees with the Global Standard Certification


Our company is a proud holder of the Global Standard granted by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM). As the first commercial training provider to receive this prestigious accreditation, we wholeheartedly guarantee an unrivaled level of practical learning for your team.

Upon successful completion of their comprehensive program, your employees obtain a dual Client and Supply Chain Academy certificate, testifying that they have acquired the necessary skills to become a world-class supply chain professional that can deliver real value to the company they work for.

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About the IFPSM

The IFPSM is among the leaders of its industry and sets an unparalleled example for peers and competitors. It is a world-renowned international organization that upholds its status as a non-political, independent, and non-profit entity. Acting as an umbrella entity for 45 national and regional purchasing associations worldwide, the IFPSM actively supports and guides buyers from all over the world to effectively strengthen and further improve professionalism in the procurement sector. The organization’s  mission of driving knowledge development and sharing is possible thanks to over 250,000 purchasing professionals associated within the organization. Visit  www.ifpsm.org to find out more about the IFPSM.

Endorsement by CILT

Our Supply Chain Academy courses have officially been endorsed by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). CILT is a renowned membership organization established for the professionals affiliated with the Supply Chain Industry. The organization’s mission is to add value to individual and corporate members by enhancing their knowledge, careers, and businesses by setting, supporting and delivering professional standards and education and by promoting Logistics, Transport, Operations and their associated supply chains to society as a whole. 

Being endorsed by CILT is a mark of excellence, recognizing such high-quality training and acting as a beacon for people searching for the right course for their needs. The CILT endorsement represents a globally-recognized seal of approval from one of the sector’s leading training and educational organisations, and comes with the commensurate marketing power and credibility.

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