5 ways an online training tool can help your remote sales team

Today, almost 63% of companies have remote employees and expected that in the coming decade over a third of full-time workers will work remotely. Mainly, your sales department may have workers that operate in different 5 ways an online training tool can help your remote sales teamgeographical locations, even across international borders.  As a result, you may choose to create your regional sales efforts by engaging remote team members who do not work from a central workplace and can be self-driven.

Engaging a remote sales team offers several benefits. It saves travel time and cost as well as offers team members more autonomy.  But, it becomes challenging for companies to manage a remote team and to ensure that everybody is on the same page.

Your remote salespeople may not have the same training prospects as your office-based staff. Also, due to the lack of face-to-face interaction and the opportunity to participate in real-time learning from other employees, your sales team might feel isolated.

So, is there any way you can keep your remote sales team engaged and driven while working in different geographical locations? Here is where online training software comes in.

In this article, you’ll learn how choosing the right online training software for your company can help you train and engage your remote sales team.

Let’s get started.

Benefits of using online Training Software for Your Remote Sales Team

Does your remote sales team need to polish their skills? Are you facing any problem with efficiency and communication within your worldwide workforce?

Here’s how your corporate eLearning solution can help you manage and train your remote sales workers.

  1. Promotes Virtual Teamwork

Let’s face it: It often gets perplexing to work with coworkers who are in the same office. Some people don’t gel well, or there might be an issue with communication. These problems become more critical when workers are dispersed all over the globe.

Your remote salespeople can’t merely visit the HR department to corroborate business policy or provide a folder to the internal auditor. Several geographical boundaries can hamper the teamwork process.

So, using an online training software helps you integrate virtual teamwork training activities that develop collaboration skills and keep the doors of communication open. It also helps your remote workers feel like they’re a part of a broader community. They realize that they can work with their coworkers to resolve glitches and overcome challenges even if they’re physically a thousand miles apart.

2.Incorporates Multimedia to Demonstrate Tasks

Your remote sales team doesn’t have the amenity of looking at the various tasks directly. There’s no on-site trainer to guide them and walk them through the process.

Using online training software allows you to include multimedia demonstrations and online tutorials that offer a visual representation that your remote employees can see and simulate.

For instance, your newly inducted remote sales employees can watch an online demo of how to complete a sales transaction. They can pause the online video at any instant or replay steps until they completely understand the procedure.

3.Improves on boarding Process

How do companies usually onboard new employees?

They welcome the new hires in person and offer them a tour of the building and introduce them to managers and colleagues. Managers use nonverbal cues to judge if a new worker is uncomfortable or has a question.

But how do you do all this with virtual employees?

Your remote salespeople often live thousands of miles apart and can even be located in different time zones. If your managers have poor communication skills and lack understanding of the latest technology and the new remote employment model, they might overlook their responsibility to onboard their new team members.

Due to the physical absence, your remote sales team isn’t capable of quickly assessing its work environment and adapting to company culture. They also often don’t get to see the individuals they work. They can develop a concept of corporate culture that differs from that of the on-site workforce.

Online training software helps you design an effective on boarding program that based on the role of your new remote workers and their duties within the group. You can even offer customized training to each of your new employees.

4.Offers Flexibility

Your remote sales workers might always be on the road, meeting with prospects, and ongoing clients. As a result, their training and learning often take back seat.

Using online training software allows your remote employees to access training material whenever they want and from any location. This on-demand training offers flexibility, and you can also empower your sales team members to select their training times as per their convenience autonomously. This way, they can partake in the training program without compromising their work agenda.

5. Provides Consistent Training

One of the biggest challenges when training remote employees is to offer consistent training across the business. If you hire an instructor in every geographical region, it’ll not only be expensive but will also affect the training consistency. Each instructor will present the content differently due to which each of your sales team members will have different knowledge about a particular matter.

Using an online training software will ensure that all your remote sales workers have the same information and that they are on the same page.


Final Words

Whether you’re hiring new workers or you wish to train your current sales team, an online training software can be your silver bullet in training your remote workforce. These are just five benefits of how using an eLearning tool can help simplify online teamwork, communication, and cooperation within your remote sales staff.

Now that you know what perks online training has to offer for your remote team, it’s time to hunt for the best employee training software!


Author Bio:

Ehsan Memari is a blogger for SkyPrep, a provider of leading online training software for organizations to train employees’ partners and customers. Ehsan is a regular contributor to blog posts related to knowledge sharing, L&D, and eLearning. Follow him on Twitter @ehsanmemari



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